Black & Colour & Crystals

Black & Colour & Crystals

Rodgers Tuners L111 Br Jet Black Jewelled

Blackened Engraving

Blackening the engraving while leaving the plate surface brass or nickel silver colour highlights the design and produces stunning effects.  The engraving can also be made any colour required.  The edges of the plate can be coloured or not depending on your preference.

Swarovski crystals

Some engraved patterns have been designed to accommodate gorgeous Swarovski Crystals of various colours.  These lovely additional details add that extra eye-catching enhancement while still remaining subtle in overall aesthetics.   Crystals are not bonded to the surface, they are each inlayed and sealed so can never vibrate or come loose.

Black Button Shaft

The parts that assemble the button shaft can also be blackened.  This would be the ‘end-pips’ at each end of the shaft and the sleeve above the button.  Doing this along with a full black plate and black button would make the set almost totally black.  The only parts not black would be the gears.  however with black ‘gear cover disks‘ this would make the set totally black when looking straight on.

Full Black Plates

Totally blackened plates have a lovely gloss black finish.  The engraving remains highly visible. This option makes the gears and button shaft in brass stand out in contrast which can look great on the right instrument.  

Rodgers Tuners L669 Brass Blackened Jet

Engraved design number L669 is fitted with Jet Black buttons and black string rollers.  

Rodgers Tuners L670 Brass Blackened Jet

Engraved design number L670 is fitted with Jet Black buttons and black string rollers.  

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